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I'm the eldest child but the shortest among the family of five.Well, this sounds good to me as I look "young".hehehe! I'm now under teacher training course, two and a half years to go.Can I be a good primary school teacher? Actually, I can't even imagine how I teach my students in the future. I doubt my ability to do this job as I don't really wanna be a teacher from the beginning and I'm lack of self confidence.But for survivor, what can I do? However, I believe I might developed full interest of teaching one day and lead my students to aim for their goals. It just that, I need to overcome my weaknesses and upgrade myself every time. I believe I can do it! Hope you guys support me~♥♥♥

♥ Goal of My Life ♥

♥ Goal of My Life ♥

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Second tagged~By Allen~

1) selalu bangun pukul berapa?

kalau di sekolah saya bangun terpaksa bangun pukul 6.30 atau 6.45 pagi...(awal sangat!)

kalau di rumah masa cuti saya biasa bangun pukul 10 atau 11 pagi, hahaha!

2) ramai kawan lelaki ke perempuan?

rasanya...balance balance...

3) bila 1st time bercinta?

Umur 18 tahun.

4) tau memasak ke tak? masak apa? (paling superb la yang anda tau masak)

memasak? sikit sikit lah...paling superb memasak lauk biasa.

5) perkara paling lucu yang pernah berlaku dalam hidup anda.

sesat dalam shopping center dan bila balik Tune Hotel saya naik lift hotel yang lain pula...(bodoh...=.= haha!)

6) perkara paling gila anda buat.

Secret...tak boleh bagi tau...hehehe!

7) jawatan anda semasa sekolah menengah.

banyak juga...

8) selalu keluar dengan member tak? berapa kali sebulan?

agak-agak sekurang-kurangnya sebulan sekali.

9) dengan kawan-kawan guna bahasa aku/ saya/ atau nama sendiri?


10) dah berpunya atau tidak? kalau sudah, berapa lama anda kenal si dia?

dah berpunya.sudah kenal dia 4 tahun, 9 bulan dan 4 hari.

11) perkara yang paling pantang sekali apa? means memang yang anda tak suka lah.

suruh saya buat perkara yang saya tidak suka.

12) if ada orang yang baru dikenali mintak no. telefon, apa respon anda?

fikir adakah orang tu boleh tak dipercayai, kalau ya baru bagi.

13) bila ada je duit, anda suka beli apa?

benda-benda kegunaan harian.

14) nama glamor anda masa sekolah?

biasa je...lin wei.

15) anda selalu habiskan kredit (sms/call) untuk siapa?

dengan kawan-kawan saya, sebab dengan si dia sms/ call semuanya free.

16) sudah tercapaikah hajat anda? cerita pasal hajat anda.

hajat? urm...membentuk family sendiri dengan orang yang tersayang.

17) apa yang korang paling geli?

movie tentang bunuh atau makan manusia, movie hantu...

18) pernah accident/ injured teruk tak selama ini?

tidak...tidak mau~~~

19) perkara yang paling menarik minat anda sehingga lupa kat bf/gf/husband/wife?

pergi melancong dengan kawan-kawan lama.

20) perkara terakhir yang anda nak buat dalam dunia ini?

menjaga ibu bapa saya...

21) tag 10 orang yang blog nya cantik:

Gilian Leong, Jacqueline, Yee Shan, Beatrice, Ibrahim, Jessica Lim, Jovita Yap, Vivien, Pey Herng.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tag: 永远不说再见 – Energy (Never Ever Say Good Bye - Energy)

Thanks for Mr. Vizard who tagged me because he likes cat also...hahaha! But Sorry that I am lazy to tag anyone...Allen, finally I answered your tag last time, the questions are the same.

1.If someone says 'Is this okay?' you say...
Be With You – Boa

(Does this answer make sense? Ya! I guess it is…If your thing is okay it will be with you forever! LOL~)

2.How would you describe yourself?
I’ll Never Break Your Heart – Backstreet Boys

(WOW! This is not me! Because I did this before. Haha…However, I really hope that I will never break anyone’s heart anymore…coz I know how hurt a person feels with a broken heart.)

3.What do you like in a girl/guy?
Sorry, sorry – Super Junior

(Apologize??? Of course! A guy must be brave to say ‘Sorry’ if he does something wrong…Plus with the ‘Sorry,Sorry’ dance!!! Hahaha…kinda CuTe~)

4.How do you feel today?
远在身边 周定纬 [Far At My Side – Judy Zhou]

(Hmm…correct, feeling that somebody is far away from me but always have heart right by my side…)

5.What is your life's purpose?
失业情歌 胡彦斌 (Unemployment Love Song – Anson Wu)

(Gosh!!! I live to unemployed??? I don’t want…T.T)

6.What's your motto?
My Love – Westlife

(Woohoo~I like this one! Hahaha…Sure LOVE is vital as a spirit to keep my life goes on, and the Love mentioned is not only for COUPLE but FAMILY & FRIENDSHIP…)

7.What do your friends think of you? 为你而活 神木与瞳 (Live For You – Shen Mu Yu Tong)

(Is it??? Hohoho~)

8.What do you think of your parents?
Only Love – Trademark

(Indeed~ Love for parents can’t be replaced!!!)

9.What do you think very often?
Everybody – Backstreet Boys

(Huh? Now only I know that ‘Everybody’ is a ‘What’ not ‘Who’..hahaha! Funny~)

10.What is 2+2?
My Love Will Get You Home - ???

(2 + 2 = 4, but this title of song has 5 words totally…not related to the question..hahaha!)

11.What do you think of your best friend?
Kenangan Terindah - Samsons

(Sweet memories with my best friend~hehehe!)

12.What do you think of the person you like?
As Long As You Love Me – Backstreet Boys

(What a surprise! That’s my answer! Haha…I will love that guy as long as he loves me…)

13.What is your life story?
I Have A Dream – Coco Lee

(Good Answer~~~Life is a Dream actually…But I want my Life is a Sweet dream…)

14.What do you want to be when you grow up?
I Want It That Way – Backstreet Boys

(Yup! When I grow up, I never wanna hear you say, coz I want it that way~~~hahaha!)

15.What do you think of when you see the person you like?
遗憾 方炯镔 (Regret – Fang Jiong Bin)

(WoW…How does the song know???)

16.What will you dance to at your wedding?
The Call - Backstreet Boys

(Dancing about a call? What is this? Hahahaha…)

17.What will they play at your funeral?
说谎 林宥嘉 (Tell lie – Yoga )

(Hahaha…funeral is just a lie~)

18.What is your biggest fear?
When I See You Smile – Bad English

(Coz when someone smile, I will keep looking at him or her! Hahaha…)

19.What is your biggest secret?
I Lay My Love On You – Westlife

(……hmm…..urm….ya…on someone…)

20.What will you post this as?
永远不说再见 – Energy (Never Ever Say Good Bye - Energy)

(I like this song..coz I really don’t like to say good bye…Feel sorrow~I wish I can Never Ever have the chance to Say Good Bye to my beloved ones…)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy 22nd Birthday to Miss Irene Tee! =)

The birthday celebration happened in Sarikei KFC,time 7.30 pm with Snack Plates, cheesy wedges and burger, plus 3 cutie Burfday Cup Cakes~~~Hehehe...

Irene wif her cupcakes~Bz making wishes 4 her burfday. N was different as usual bcz she needed to blow out a candle after each wish. ("Tired"~T.T, I helped her said...haha!)

Chung Geik & Ing Siong~Non-STOP eating their lunch~LOL! (Sorry...gt a little bit blur...)

Seng Hao & Shu Chyn~

This was done by 2 tricky persons (Who r they? U know I know lar...) Haha...they told Irene tat she needed to close her eyes when sharing 1 of her wishes...And..then...She gt it!!! Haha...

Cutting cupcakes 1 by 1...

Irene liked the bee most...cz it was Cute!

Lastly...Gurls' photo shooting time!!! Hehe...

B4 we went home, we spent some time visiting Seng Hao's house in Sarikei, watched TV program 2geder wif his family & Laugh Out LouD~HAHAHa!

p/s: Again I wish U Happy Burfday Irene~Stay Pretty N Cute Owez! Hope U Success & Hepy Throughout Ur Life~~~O d Best Ya!!! =P

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Andrew 陈势安 天后 (The Queen of Heaven) Lyric

陈势安 - 天后 (The Queen of Heaven)

zhong yu zhao dao jie kou chen zhe zui yi shang xin tou
Finally found an excuse, taking advantage of being drunk

biao da wo suo you gan shou
I express all my feeling

寂寞渐浓 沉默留在舞池角落
ji mo jian nong chen mo liuzai wu chi jiao luo
Loneliness slowly increases, left silence at a corner of a dance floor

ni shuo de tai shao huo tai duo
Either you said too little or too much

dou hui rang ren geng huang kong
both made me terrified

谁任由谁放纵 谁会先让出自由
shui ren you shui fang zong shui hui xian rang chu zi you
Who gives a loose to who, who will be the first to indulge freedom

zui hou yi ding zong shi wo
Eventually it must be me

双脚悬空 在你冷酷热情间游走
shuang jiao xuan kong zai ni leng ku re qing jian you zou
I'm wandering around your marble and ardor heart

bei qin zhan suo you hai yao xiao zhe jie shou
being broke into but still accept with a smile

我嫉妒你的爱 气势如虹
wo ji du ni de ai qi shi ru hong
I'm jealous of your strong vigor of love

xiang ge ren qi gao ju bu xia de tian hou
like a top popularity of the Queen of the heaven

你要的不是我 而是一种虚荣
ni yao de bu shi wo er shi yi zhong xu rong
What you want is just a vanity, not me

you ren teng cai xian de duo me chu zhong
only be fond by someone can let you special

wo xian ru mang mu kuang lian de kuan rong
I am driven to fetishism of tolerance

cheng quan le ni wan zhong chong ai de tian hou
let you be the people favorite Queen of heaven

若爱只剩诱惑 只剩彼此忍受
ruo ai zhi sheng you huo zhi sheng bi ci ren shou
if love is just a temptation, and only can bear with each other

bie zai hu xiang zhe mo
don't ever torture each other again

yin wei wo men dou you cuo
because both of us have fault

推开苍白的手 推开苍白的厮守
tui kai cang bai de shou tui kai cang bai de si shou
I reject your pale hand, reject pale waiting

guan ni you duo me shi cuo
no matter how panic you are

别再叫我 心软是最致命的脆弱
bie zai jiao wo xin ruan shi zui zhi ming de cui ruo
don't ever call me, soft-hearted is my fatal weaknesses

wo ming ming dou dong que reng pin si xiao zhong
I actually understand them all but still I give full loyalty

我嫉妒你的爱 气势如虹
wo ji du ni de ai qi shi ru hong
I'm jealous of your strong vigor of love

xiang ge ren qi gao ju bu xia de tian hou
like a top popularity of the Queen of the heaven

你要的不是我 而是一种虚荣
ni yao de bu shi wo er shi yi zhong xu rong
What you want is just a vanity, not me

you ren teng cai xian de duo me chu zhong
only be fond by someone can let you special

wo xian ru mang mu kuang lian de kuan rong
I am driven to fetishism of tolerance

cheng quan le ni wan zhong chong ai de tian hou
let you be the people favorite Queen of heaven

若爱只剩诱惑 只剩彼此忍受
ruo ai zhi sheng you huo zhi sheng bi ci ren shou
if love is just a temptation, and only can bear with each other

bie zai hu xiang zhe mo
don't ever torture each other again

yin wei wo men dou you cuo
because both of us have fault

ru guo you yi tian ai bu zai mi huo
one day if love doesn't deceptive

zu gou qu kan qing suo you shi fei dui cuo
enough to see clearly all the true and false

直到那个时候 你在我的心中
zhi dao na ge shi hou ni zai wo xin zhong
till that time, you who are in my heart

将不再被歌颂 把你当作天后
jiang bu zai bei ge song ba ni dang zuo tian hou
will not be praised as the Queen of heaven anymore

bu hui zai shi wo
not ever ever is me

p/s: Pheeww...dis was my 1st experience of translating Chinese lyric to English and wrote its Chinese pronunciation out...What a hard job~I bet it gt lots of grammar mistake, bt nvr mind, it's enaf tat if u guys cn understand.haha!



Saturday, November 27, 2010


Dis afternn I felt sad bout sumtin...
Cz feeling tat a fren of mine treats me not as care as b4...
Sad~Haiz...I dun wanna put any hope anymore...

Friday, November 26, 2010

Cleaning my house...

Wow~Cleaning my house was really tiring. Even though I just put unwanted books into boxes, cleared all the unwanted stuff and rearranged tonnes of books for two shelves...Wow! I was really damn tired! It took me half day to do that and I'm still not yet finish cleaning it. And so surprisingly my house really stores A Lot of RUbbisH! Haiz..maybe I need whole year to clean whole house! Hahaha...plus something made me very helpless was...I wanna clean my sis room (the room which I sleep with her now everyday) but my sis resisted me to do so. She said:"Please don't help me cleaning my room or else I can't find the things I want." Hmm...ok lar...My sis helped me saving my energy, but I really felt uncomfortable staying in a very untidy room...(Shhh...don't tell my sis about this ya! =P) My opinion after cleaning was...I have a long long way to go~~~~~~huhuhu...

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Finally, my idol Judy Zhou appears after all the time joining singing and talent competition. Through HIM company great promotion, he and two other guys officially become a group singer called Sigma and are going to have an album on December. You guess what....my idol is the leader of the group. I'm So So So Happy! Hahaha...Urm...you maybe curious why I love Judy Zhou~Personally, I think he is indeed a good young artist which sings quite well and most of all his great attraction is he dances awesomely. I fall succumb to his charm. All the dancing and singing he learns by himself. Well, guys who know how to dance and sing really attracted me~(Shy...) I'm anticipated for their album already~~~Hehehe....waiting waiting & waiting...

This is the FB website for Sigma, you can have a look at it if you are interested.


or you just click my title 'Sigma' for direct link to that page~hehe!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I wanna Plan & Do something Special For My Holiday!

1 and a 1/2 month of holiday, previously I spent it by doing nothing...Gosh! Just a blink of my eyes, my holiday was gone.For these few days, I still think that I'm doing nothing meaningful. Well...I sleep until 10 or 11 am, have my 'Brunch', help out with my mum's cooking and cleaning, watch entertainment or videos, eat my dinner, do the plate washing, bath & sleep again...That's my routine for these few days. Hmm...maybe I need to do something that I like, such as...DIY, drawing, singing, weaving or learn some new cooking or baking skills! hehe...that's my planning, but whether I can do these or not, depend on my will of interest. I hope I'm not just having 3 minutes heart to work out my plan~Best wishes for myself! Gambate!!! 0(@.@)0

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Let G0 & Let's G0!

I'm going back home this Saturday...
So tired right now, because many things happened in this semester,
Fully-packed events made me busy but created memorable moments...
Hopefully I will be Happy & stay Enjoy when the time I'm at home!

Now, it's time to fully release myself!
Yesterday is a History,
Tomorrow is a Mystery,
We never knew...how long can we live...
So, I set a life quote for myself here, that is...

"Enj0Y iS My Life, Regret Aint't My DaYs !"

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Well, besides Facebook-ing, Blogging, Watching Movies & Videos, Listening Songs...I seemed to have no idea what I'm going to do right now. During exams, I was anticipated for this exciting moment to come. Of course I remained Facebook-ing and others at that time and was totally entertained. But now, I don't know why am I going wrong...Now I have plenty of time focusing and enjoying all those entertainments, but my heart is still left empty. Maybe because I need someone who can accompany me...enjoying entertainments by myself is meaningless. Haiz~~~what can I do? My Mr.Right, where are you? I need you...

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Last paper...ELE 3102 Principles of English Language Teaching

I'm going to sit for this paper on Monday morning,
definitely it's time to do my revision right now,
Now I'm Blogging Again~HAha!

No choice~
I just can't stand reading
So So So MANY WORDS in reading materials~~~

My Mind can't absorb what I have read.
My Gosh!!! I nearly go insane...
Just can't blame me for doing this because
I'm NOT a Left-Brained Learner...Hahaha!

high standard of English language delivering
makes me dizzy~~~(X.X)

I prefer to learn with interesting, cute & amazing
Pictures, Graphics, Animations, and others...

Any images will do!!! Just give me some learning using art!
I think this is what we call -> Integration of Art in Learning...
I wanna learn through this way...

But...unfortunately that
no one draw comic for learning English Theories...

(Cry! T.T)
Just can't StoP my ChildisH Thinking!
Hiak hiak hiak~~~

Time to back to Reality...=D

Friday, November 12, 2010

A Peaceful Early Morning...

Felt like wanna slept after facebook-ing after 1 am,
but my mind resisted to do so...
I put on my earphone and listened broadcast on Radio (One FM).
Well, I only do this once in a blue moon,
And surprisingly...
I heard many Chinese songs that I familiar to!
I just damn LoVe ThEm!!!
That moment I got my mind that the DJ was such an Understanding person,
Because knowing my favourite songs! Hehe...

With my eyes closed, and my mind PeAcE,
Instantly I fell into My MusiC WonDerlanD~~~
Enjoying my peacefulness,
Feeling liveliness,
Even though it was just a simple thing I did,
I was HAPPY...

There was a NICE life quote saying that...

"When we are CHILDREN, Happiness is a SIMPLE thing;
When we are ADULTS, SIMPLE thing is Happiness..."

This quote gave me inspiration of making my mind as simple as possible,
Not to be an idiot with 'Simple' mind...haha!
Not to think of many unnecessary thoughts,
And the most vital thing is...
Learn to appreciate what I have now~~~ =D

Thursday, November 11, 2010




Monday, November 8, 2010

24 Ciri-Ciri Orang Yang Mencintai Kamu

Dalam kehidupan, kamu tidak sedar apa yang dilakukan oleh seseorang terhadap diri kamu merupakan satu petanda yang dia mencintai kamu. Dia tidak ingin kamu tahu secara terus daripada mulut dia tetapi dia menunjukkannya melalui perbuatan. Berikut merupakan 24 ciri-ciri yang dilakukan oleh seseorang yang menunjukkan bahawa dia mencintai kamu.

  1. Orang yang mencintai kamu tidak pernah mampu memberikan alasan kenapa dia mencintai kamu. Yang dia tahu di hati dan matanya hanya ada kamu satu-satunya.
  2. Walaupun kamu sudah memiliki teman istimewa atau kekasih, dia tidak perduli! Baginya yang penting kamu bahagia dan kamu tetap menjadi impiannya.
  3. Orang yang mencintai kamu selalu menerima kamu apa adanya, di hati dan matanya kamu selalu yang tercantik walaupun mungkin kamu merasa berat badan kamu sudah bertambah.
  4. Orang yang mencintai kamu selalu ingin tahu tentang apa saja yang kamu lalui sepanjang hari ini, dia ingin tahu kegiatan kamu.
  5. Orang yang mencintai kamu akan mengirimkan SMS seperti ‘selamat pagi’, ‘selamat hari minggu’, ‘selamat tidur’, ‘take care’, dan lain-lain lagi, walaupun kamu tidak membalas SMS nya, kerana dengan kiriman SMS itu lah dia menyatakan cintanya, menyatakan dalam cara yang berbeza, bukan “aku CINTA padamu”, tapi berselindung ayat selain kata cinta itu.
  6. Jika kamu menyambut hari jadi dan kamu tidak mengundangnya ke majlis yang kamu adakan, setidak-tidaknya dia akan menelefon untuk mengucapkan selamat atau mengirim SMS.
  7. Orang yang mencintai kamu akan selalu mengingat setiap kejadian yang dia lalui bersama kamu, bahkan mungkin kejadian yang kamu sendiri sudah melupakannya, kerana saat itu ialah sesuatu yang berharga untuknya. dan saat itu, matanya pasti berkaca. kerana saat bersamamu itu tidak boleh berulang selalu.
  8. Orang yang mencintai kamu selalu mengingati setiap kata-kata yang kamu ucapkan, bahkan mungkin kata-kata yang kamu sendiri lupa pernah mengungkapkannya. Kerana dia menyematkan kata-katamu di hatinya, berapa banyak kata-kata penuh harapan yang kau tuturkan padanya, dan akhirnya kau musnahkan? Pasti kau lupa, tetapi bukan orang yang mencintai kamu.
  9. Orang yang mencintai kamu akan belajar menggemari lagu-lagu kegemaran kamu, bahkan mungkin meminjam CD milik kamu, kerana dia ingin tahu apa kegemaran kamu – kesukaan kamu kesukaannya juga, walaupun sukar meminati kesukaan kamu, tapi akhirnya dia berjaya.
  10. Kalau kali terakhir kalian bertemu kamu mungkin sedang selesema, atau batuk-batuk, dia akan sentiasa mengirim SMS atau menelefon untuk bertanya keadaan kamu – kerana dia bimbangkan tentang kamu, peduli tentang kamu.
  11. Jika kamu mengatakan akan menghadapi ujian, dia akan menanyakan bila ujian itu berlangsung, dan saat harinya tiba dia akan mengirimkan SMS ‘good luck’ untuk memberi semangat kepada kamu.
  12. Orang yang mencintai kamu akan memberikan suatu barang miliknya yang mungkin buat kamu itu ialah sesuatu yang biasa, tetapi baginya barang itu sangat istimewa.
  13. Orang yang mencintai kamu akan terdiam sesaat, ketika sedang bercakap di telefon dengan kamu, sehingga kamu menjadi bingung. Sebenarnya saat itu dia merasa sangat gugup kerana kamu telah menggegarkan dunianya.
  14. Orang yang mencintai kamu selalu ingin berada di dekat kamu dan ingin menghabiskan hari-harinya hanya dengan kamu.
  15. Jika suatu saat kamu harus pindah ke daerah lain, dia akan sentiasa memberikan nasihat agar kamu waspada dengan persekitaran yang boleh membawa pengaruh buruk kepada kamu dan jauh.
  16. Dihatinya dia benar-benar takut kehilangan kamu, pernah dengar ‘jauh dimata, dekat dihati?’
  17. Orang yang mencintai kamu bertindak lebih seperti saudara daripada seperti seorang kekasih.
  18. Orang yang mencintai kamu sering melakukan hal-hal yang SENGAL seperti menelefon kamu 100 kali dalam masa sehari. Atau mengejutkan kamu di tengah malam dengan mengirim SMS. Sebenarnya ketika itu dia sedang memikirkan kamu.
  19. Orang yang mencintai kamu kadang-kadang merindukan kamu dan melakukan hal-hal yang membuat kamu pening kepala. Namun ketika kamu mengatakan tindakannya itu membuat kamu terganggu dia akan minta maaf dan tak akan melakukannya lagi.
  20. Jika kamu memintanya untuk mengajarimu sesuatu maka ia akan mengajarimu dengan sabar walaupun kamu mungkin orang yang terbodoh di dunia! Bahkan dia begitu gembira kerana dapat membantu kamu. Dia tidak pernah mengelak dari menunaikan permintaan kamu walau sesukar mana permintaan mu.
  21. Kalau kamu melihat handphone-nya maka nama kamu akan menghiasi sebahagian besar INBOX-nya. Dia masih menyimpan SMS-SMS dari kamu walaupun ia kamu kirim berbulan-bulan atau bertahun-tahun yang lalu. Dia juga menyimpan surat-surat kamu di tempat khas dan segala pemberian kamu menjadi benda-benda berharga buatnya.
  22. Dan jika kamu cuba menjauhkan diri daripadanya atau memberi reaksi menolaknya, dia akan menyedarinya dan menghilang dari kehidupan kamu, walaupun hal itu membunuh hatinya.
  23. Jika suatu saat kamu merindukannya dan ingin memberinya kesempatan dia akan ada menunggu kamu kerana sebenarnya dia tak pernah mencari orang lain, dia sentiasa menunggu kamu.
  24. Orang yang begitu mencintaimu, tidak pernah memaksa kamu memberinya sebab dan alasan, walaupun hatinya meronta ingin mengetahui, kerana dia tidak mahu kamu terbeban dengan karenahnya. Saat kau pinta dia berlalu, dia pergi tanpa menyalahkan kamu, kerana dia benar-benar mengerti apa itu cinta.

“Pernah adakah orang yang berbuat seperti di atas kepada kamu? Jika ada, jangan pernah mensia-siakan orang tersebut… Kamu akan menyesal melakukannya!”


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