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I'm the eldest child but the shortest among the family of five.Well, this sounds good to me as I look "young".hehehe! I'm now under teacher training course, two and a half years to go.Can I be a good primary school teacher? Actually, I can't even imagine how I teach my students in the future. I doubt my ability to do this job as I don't really wanna be a teacher from the beginning and I'm lack of self confidence.But for survivor, what can I do? However, I believe I might developed full interest of teaching one day and lead my students to aim for their goals. It just that, I need to overcome my weaknesses and upgrade myself every time. I believe I can do it! Hope you guys support me~♥♥♥

♥ Goal of My Life ♥

♥ Goal of My Life ♥

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Special thanks to my Dearest Best Friend。。。Pinkie (Tweety)

Wow, what a great surprise when I saw your blog written on 1 May 2010 (3.51 pm) specially for me. I felt happy! More to say, that was indeed touching for me. Thank u very much for your birthday wishes~~~^^

Do u know? I created my facebook account because of u & this time, creating a blogger account because of u too.

Ya, I miss the time u went to my house & played together. We had been classmates for 4.5 years, isn't it? (Since Primary 1). After leaving Brunei for so many years, the only one I stay contact with is u...I miss our other friends also, but I seemed to forget their names & faces already. I'm glad to have my sweet childhood in Brunei with u~=)

My dear, exam is just around the corner.Please do try your very best. Remember our words: Study smart instead of study hard! Fighting!!! Hehe!

Hope U see this...Friends Forever~(>.@)


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