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♥ Goal of My Life ♥

♥ Goal of My Life ♥

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I'm A Giraffe (^0^) Hoho!

A windy afternoon...
After our lunch, Maria and I started our Little Mask Project.
This mask was gonna be used for presenting 3D object for
EDU 3105 (Technology in Teaching and Learning Process)

I preferred to work out an animal mask because I like animal so much.
Well, we had actually no idea to do this but our "bulbs" functioned
when saw interesting masks from internet.
Some were really cute, but some were so disgusting..
I saw quite a lot of monsters or ghost mask...Yewww....(x.x)
We chose a cat and a giraffe mask picture available for references.

This mask was our reference.

Firstly, we start off by using small iron wire to make the animal face out.
Actually, I wanna made the cat mask but unfortunately the "ears"
part I put a little bit lower when making the shape,
so I changed my mine. We made a giraffe instead.
Later, we do the pasting and drawing.
We modified the mask a little bit by putting some facial cotton on it.
I used Maria's eyes and head as scales.
Surprisingly, the tided rope fixed most of our head.
Looked like Maria's face was a free size! Haha!

Lastly, of course we can't miss the photo taking time.

We felt happy after completing this task.
And I was satisfied.
Frankly to say...I do like arts and hands-on activities~(>.@)


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