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I'm the eldest child but the shortest among the family of five.Well, this sounds good to me as I look "young".hehehe! I'm now under teacher training course, two and a half years to go.Can I be a good primary school teacher? Actually, I can't even imagine how I teach my students in the future. I doubt my ability to do this job as I don't really wanna be a teacher from the beginning and I'm lack of self confidence.But for survivor, what can I do? However, I believe I might developed full interest of teaching one day and lead my students to aim for their goals. It just that, I need to overcome my weaknesses and upgrade myself every time. I believe I can do it! Hope you guys support me~♥♥♥

♥ Goal of My Life ♥

♥ Goal of My Life ♥

Monday, January 24, 2011

All about $$$

Gosh!!! My porridge for supper cost RM 8! I thought the price was RM 6 as usual...=(
Well, it lets me think of our course's PJ trip to KL on April. Hmmm...after reading on my friends' blog, I noticed that my class was not the last to buy our flight ticket. But unfortunately, our ticket cost RM 178 instead of RM 110 per person that our monitor has told us Friday.I felt unhappy because of this, maybe due to reason that now I undergo "CRITICAL" life...(haven't receive allowance for this semester...), therefore I'm sensitive to $$$. I heard that one of my friend's ticket was RM200++, even expensive than mine, felt pity for her and her friends. Just don't know what kind of situation right now.Why we just receive the news that we need to buy ticket ourselves this morning? I thought we just need to give our confirmation to the monitor and someone will buy for us...argh....complicated...don't know who should I blame for this...ooww.....forget it...just hope that our trip worth it...Miss KL, I will visit you again. =) But before this, of course I'm pending for allowance and my extra income (Angpao)...Money money, fast fast come to me, I need you!!! =)


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