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I'm the eldest child but the shortest among the family of five.Well, this sounds good to me as I look "young".hehehe! I'm now under teacher training course, two and a half years to go.Can I be a good primary school teacher? Actually, I can't even imagine how I teach my students in the future. I doubt my ability to do this job as I don't really wanna be a teacher from the beginning and I'm lack of self confidence.But for survivor, what can I do? However, I believe I might developed full interest of teaching one day and lead my students to aim for their goals. It just that, I need to overcome my weaknesses and upgrade myself every time. I believe I can do it! Hope you guys support me~♥♥♥

♥ Goal of My Life ♥

♥ Goal of My Life ♥

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tag: 永远不说再见 – Energy (Never Ever Say Good Bye - Energy)

Thanks for Mr. Vizard who tagged me because he likes cat also...hahaha! But Sorry that I am lazy to tag anyone...Allen, finally I answered your tag last time, the questions are the same.

1.If someone says 'Is this okay?' you say...
Be With You – Boa

(Does this answer make sense? Ya! I guess it is…If your thing is okay it will be with you forever! LOL~)

2.How would you describe yourself?
I’ll Never Break Your Heart – Backstreet Boys

(WOW! This is not me! Because I did this before. Haha…However, I really hope that I will never break anyone’s heart anymore…coz I know how hurt a person feels with a broken heart.)

3.What do you like in a girl/guy?
Sorry, sorry – Super Junior

(Apologize??? Of course! A guy must be brave to say ‘Sorry’ if he does something wrong…Plus with the ‘Sorry,Sorry’ dance!!! Hahaha…kinda CuTe~)

4.How do you feel today?
远在身边 周定纬 [Far At My Side – Judy Zhou]

(Hmm…correct, feeling that somebody is far away from me but always have heart right by my side…)

5.What is your life's purpose?
失业情歌 胡彦斌 (Unemployment Love Song – Anson Wu)

(Gosh!!! I live to unemployed??? I don’t want…T.T)

6.What's your motto?
My Love – Westlife

(Woohoo~I like this one! Hahaha…Sure LOVE is vital as a spirit to keep my life goes on, and the Love mentioned is not only for COUPLE but FAMILY & FRIENDSHIP…)

7.What do your friends think of you? 为你而活 神木与瞳 (Live For You – Shen Mu Yu Tong)

(Is it??? Hohoho~)

8.What do you think of your parents?
Only Love – Trademark

(Indeed~ Love for parents can’t be replaced!!!)

9.What do you think very often?
Everybody – Backstreet Boys

(Huh? Now only I know that ‘Everybody’ is a ‘What’ not ‘Who’..hahaha! Funny~)

10.What is 2+2?
My Love Will Get You Home - ???

(2 + 2 = 4, but this title of song has 5 words totally…not related to the question..hahaha!)

11.What do you think of your best friend?
Kenangan Terindah - Samsons

(Sweet memories with my best friend~hehehe!)

12.What do you think of the person you like?
As Long As You Love Me – Backstreet Boys

(What a surprise! That’s my answer! Haha…I will love that guy as long as he loves me…)

13.What is your life story?
I Have A Dream – Coco Lee

(Good Answer~~~Life is a Dream actually…But I want my Life is a Sweet dream…)

14.What do you want to be when you grow up?
I Want It That Way – Backstreet Boys

(Yup! When I grow up, I never wanna hear you say, coz I want it that way~~~hahaha!)

15.What do you think of when you see the person you like?
遗憾 方炯镔 (Regret – Fang Jiong Bin)

(WoW…How does the song know???)

16.What will you dance to at your wedding?
The Call - Backstreet Boys

(Dancing about a call? What is this? Hahahaha…)

17.What will they play at your funeral?
说谎 林宥嘉 (Tell lie – Yoga )

(Hahaha…funeral is just a lie~)

18.What is your biggest fear?
When I See You Smile – Bad English

(Coz when someone smile, I will keep looking at him or her! Hahaha…)

19.What is your biggest secret?
I Lay My Love On You – Westlife

(……hmm…..urm….ya…on someone…)

20.What will you post this as?
永远不说再见 – Energy (Never Ever Say Good Bye - Energy)

(I like this song..coz I really don’t like to say good bye…Feel sorrow~I wish I can Never Ever have the chance to Say Good Bye to my beloved ones…)


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