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I'm the eldest child but the shortest among the family of five.Well, this sounds good to me as I look "young".hehehe! I'm now under teacher training course, two and a half years to go.Can I be a good primary school teacher? Actually, I can't even imagine how I teach my students in the future. I doubt my ability to do this job as I don't really wanna be a teacher from the beginning and I'm lack of self confidence.But for survivor, what can I do? However, I believe I might developed full interest of teaching one day and lead my students to aim for their goals. It just that, I need to overcome my weaknesses and upgrade myself every time. I believe I can do it! Hope you guys support me~♥♥♥

♥ Goal of My Life ♥

♥ Goal of My Life ♥

Friday, November 26, 2010

Cleaning my house...

Wow~Cleaning my house was really tiring. Even though I just put unwanted books into boxes, cleared all the unwanted stuff and rearranged tonnes of books for two shelves...Wow! I was really damn tired! It took me half day to do that and I'm still not yet finish cleaning it. And so surprisingly my house really stores A Lot of RUbbisH! Haiz..maybe I need whole year to clean whole house! Hahaha...plus something made me very helpless was...I wanna clean my sis room (the room which I sleep with her now everyday) but my sis resisted me to do so. She said:"Please don't help me cleaning my room or else I can't find the things I want." Hmm...ok lar...My sis helped me saving my energy, but I really felt uncomfortable staying in a very untidy room...(Shhh...don't tell my sis about this ya! =P) My opinion after cleaning was...I have a long long way to go~~~~~~huhuhu...


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