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I'm the eldest child but the shortest among the family of five.Well, this sounds good to me as I look "young".hehehe! I'm now under teacher training course, two and a half years to go.Can I be a good primary school teacher? Actually, I can't even imagine how I teach my students in the future. I doubt my ability to do this job as I don't really wanna be a teacher from the beginning and I'm lack of self confidence.But for survivor, what can I do? However, I believe I might developed full interest of teaching one day and lead my students to aim for their goals. It just that, I need to overcome my weaknesses and upgrade myself every time. I believe I can do it! Hope you guys support me~♥♥♥

♥ Goal of My Life ♥

♥ Goal of My Life ♥

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Finally, my idol Judy Zhou appears after all the time joining singing and talent competition. Through HIM company great promotion, he and two other guys officially become a group singer called Sigma and are going to have an album on December. You guess what....my idol is the leader of the group. I'm So So So Happy! Hahaha...Urm...you maybe curious why I love Judy Zhou~Personally, I think he is indeed a good young artist which sings quite well and most of all his great attraction is he dances awesomely. I fall succumb to his charm. All the dancing and singing he learns by himself. Well, guys who know how to dance and sing really attracted me~(Shy...) I'm anticipated for their album already~~~Hehehe....waiting waiting & waiting...

This is the FB website for Sigma, you can have a look at it if you are interested.


or you just click my title 'Sigma' for direct link to that page~hehe!


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